Corporate solutions

We develop and integrate business systems to cover all your companies needs with apps for CRM, accounting, manufacturing and e-commerce among others.

We design vertical apps for industries like logistics, pharmaceutical, security, retail, hospitality, medical and telecomunications.

Our more than 15 years experience implementing business solutions has turned us into the ideal integrator to guarantee a return on your investment and maximize your operation.

key features
  • Subscription Business Model
  • Agile Scrum and Lean
  • DevOps CI/CD
  • ITIL Based Support
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How we work

Free consultation

Talk to our project managers & consultants to discuss anything from your business needs, new project development or business partnerships.

Concept creation

We provide a prototype of the final solution to determine which adjustments need to be included in the final business case.


At this stage we plan the sprints needed to develop your solution and the team starts the development process.

Quality Assurance

Our teams use a strict flow of testing for the aproval of the stakeholders of any changes or features developed before going into production.